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AutomationDirect Do-It-Yourself » Projects
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Instructions for posting projects

To get started you will need to create an account and log-in.

It’s fairly self-explanatory, but for details about posting to a Wordpress blog, check here.

i want to make a pneumatic can crusher

i need to know the least expensive way to make this. i know the basic construction of the frame. what i need to know is what type of switch i need to make cylinder work- to crush cans ! i have found a good deal on a 2 stage cylinder, but i think a single stage cylinder would be cheaper & easier to operate. i need to know what i need to make this work -”spesifics” !  THANKS DAVE   i would appreciate any help-answers- ASAP !!  contact me

“Hubert-EV2″ Humanoid Robot; Kinematic Project. -Featuring, ADC’s “Productivity 3000 (PAC)”


*Video links of “Hubert-EV2″ are located at end of post. Note-Axis travel is intentionally limited at this time, (Video, DC Servo Motor Only.) Operation of Servo-Pneumatics pending . -YouTube

Hubert-EV2 is an electro-pneumatic, animatronics based, humanoid robot -birthed by Justin A. Flynn of Augusta, GA. Although only seven of nearly fifty axis are currently shown in operation, it has been a multi-year personal project designed to mimic human and life-like movement; with the greatest emphasis most amicable to the science of human kinematics and prosthetics. Much of the project is still currently in the prototyping phases. The final head assembly, hands, and legs will be finalized later in the year. Actuation of the robot is provided by DC-servo motors, DC-stepper motors, and servo-pneumatically controlled air cylinders. Many axis’ currently not shown in movement are fully assembled and operable. However, incorporation of specialized sensors, encoders, limit switches, flow/pressure/analog 5-3 valves, scaling, and precise programming measures are still needed throughout the process to prevent crashes during axis interpolation or accidental harm to near by personnel.
Hubert Stand, Control, Legs
The unique characteristics of this robot even with the use of standard pneumatic cylinders, is its incorporation of the highest pneumatic control technology available today -”Servo Pneumatics.” This technology provides precise and dynamic cylinder positioning and control. Varying cylinder stroke lengths, actuation speeds, and changing stop and hold rates, are easily controlled via position feedback and using polled “PID” modes which help to reproduce natural fluidic flow and life-like movement. Using ADC’s incremental encoders, P3K HSI and HSO cards, as well as the P3’s “RTD” I/O card, resistances measured during a stroke length provide feedback by configuring the “RTD” card to measure specified resistances from potentiometers directly-not only form RTD’s. The “Programmable Automation Controller,” provides a dynamic instruction set allowing one to incorporate PID loops through analog inputs and outputs. These I/O are polled by POP’d sequenced parameter values extracted through 1 or 2D data arrays and also contribute to the natural life like movement of Hubert. Using the C-more HMI series operator interfaces, recipes can also be constructed allowing the operator to call and manage various interpolation and movement scenes. The P3K controller can be incorporated into any type of “electro-mechanical” application requiring precise and advanced positioning and process controls logic. Integration of associated components and the effective, efficient, wiring, and programming in the design; is what make it all come alive. The unique features of using a (PAC) to control this type of application are its ability to perform advanced mathematical functions to compute dynamic algorithms with its 266MHz of processing power.
Other advantages of the “Productivity 3000” (PAC) is its dynamic, advanced, but easy to configure instruction sets, elements, and pre-configured application tools. Most importantly, it incorporates new industry standards involving “Tag Named Based Programming.” These tag names can be easily exported directly into a C-More Graphics operator interface-also provided by Automation Direct or other communication devices via means of ASCII, Modbus-RTU, or other pre-defined manufacturer specified syntax for addressing. Dynamic positioning and tag name based addressing can provide conventional high speed and real-time monitoring for data acquisition, charting, tending, and the use histograms via the incorporated human machine interface.
One example illustrating the need for creative and dynamically advanced programming control techniques is in regards to the servo-pneumatics and PWM driven motors contained within Hubert’s framework or (Body). The use of multiple, algorithmically calculated “PID” loops are monitored via 16-bit resolution Analog I/O, linear and rotary encoders types, and “RTD” feedback. Consider the incorporation of these elements when the robot is leaning 15 degrees forward with a pitch load of 75Lbs, then orbitally turned 25 degrees to the right while leaning 45 degrees left; adding the atmospherically provided gravitational load. Various pressures and flow controlled speeds will need to be greater or smaller as to compensate for changing mechanical and pivotal loads at pre-determined axial interpolations from either slow, stopped, ramped, or high-speed sequences. Options to provide an “S-Curve” is also possible with the P3K. These methods are also useful when transitioning from multiple movement scenes that will require varying pressures and speeds based on the nominal position of the robot to the desired trigonometric axis interpolation of the robot from its current position within a given sequence.
The “Productivity 3000” (PAC) incorporates more of a “computing” punch than a standard “PLC” in both memory and processing speed and power. It further expands and offers direct monitoring of floating point, real numbers, decimal, 16 and 32 bit signed and unsigned integers, binary, boolean, hex, modbus, and the previously discussed, “Tag based” Programming. Another unique feature of the P3K is that monitored tag based data can be imported and exported into excel for data-acquisition purposes via USB communication along with the use of the optional associated, data works software offered by ADC. Additionally, projects and monitored tag data can be downloaded and uploaded directly via a USB portable thumb drive or emailed via ethernet based on user defined security settings and the programed polled, configured, and structured logic.
Additionally, the P3K offers seven communications ports. For example, the DC servo motors use a “PWM” control board manufactured by, “Yost Engineering” called, “Servo-Center.” It is programmed via a “Basic-like” script programing language and manufacturer specific syntax-Eg. “Scripted Text.” Communications with the auxiliary DC-Servo motor controller are provided by USB, RS232, RS485-ASCII, and or “Modbus/RTU” communication protocols. The option exists to allow 0-5vdc signals to directly control the position of the DC-Servo Motors as well. Additionally the CPU offers a multi-line, back-Lit, LCD Screen for easy troubleshooting via user defined and pre-programmed monitored tag data and or error codes. The (PAC) also features high quality, high speed input and output cards in which I am currently using to control the stepper motors for the up and down movement of the shoulders -not currently operational in the video.
Finally, aluminum fabrication and standard plastic radio-controlled race-car parts provide a creative, realistic, aesthetic design to Hubert EV2. Careful engineering techniques have gone into the design and interpolation of each axis. Programming challenges are inevitable due to physical limits as one axis may have a given full degree of freedom when other axis’ are interpolated in one orientation, but can be reduced by as much as 65% when the same or other axis are orientated with opposing or intersecting trajectories. Spherical rod, clevis, and cylinder mounts make it possible to prevent binding which would occur on machines that incorporate pivotal interpolation. In addition, strategically placed sensor feedback and dynamic programing techniques provide realistic movement and reduced crash potential. The system and robot are both pneumatically and electrically protected for, “loss of power” conditions including sequenced air distribution and shutdown procedures.
In closing, I would like to thank “Automation Direct” for offering such great and affordable products accompanied by such excellent customer and technical support. Thank you for allowing me to share and exercise my talent at home and online and for helping others and myself to reach our continuing education goals. Please stay tuned for regular project updates. I hope you feel “Hubert-EV2″ is as a captivating project for such a captivating control. -The, “Productivity 3000 Programmable Automation Controller.


Thanks for your interest in my project and I wish you the best with your continuing education goals.
Justin A. Flynn

Automated Profiler

March 18th 2011

For my senior project, I wanted to create an electro-mechanical project that would best encompass a variety of aspects learned throughout my curriculum at Cal Poly Pomona, as well as my internship which I have participated in for the past year.  It was suggested that I make a motion control system.  This system could take a 2-D CAD file, convert it to G-code, and create the outline desired.  I felt it was a good project and encompassed a lot of electrical/mechanical/software design.

The software tools that I used in the design of this project are AutoCAD Electrical and SolidWorks.  AutoCAD Electrical helped generate the schematics for the inital design of the electrical panel.  These schematics aided in the wiring of our electrical components and provided an overall layout for our panel ( 28.5″ X 28.5″).


Figure 1- Panel Layout

This panel layout shown in figure 1 is a perfect 1:1 ratio for all of the components we used.  It was printed using a large plotter.  Using this we (more…)

Miami University- Mobile Access Ramp for Pontoon Boats

Project Scope: To prototype a marketable mobile access ramp for pontoon boats. This ramp will accomodate wheelchairs and like apparatus.

General Design: The design will incorporate a steel constructed ramp designed to withstand 800 lbs of load. The ramp will be actuated by an electric gear motor. The gear motor being utilized is a modified off the shelf auto winch. The winch provides the power necessary to actuate the ramp from a vertical (retracted) position to a horizontal position that would be able to engage any boat dock or platform that is +/- 8 inches of the pontoon boat platform level. While there is plenty of torque from the modified winch, the speed of rotation requires a 20:1 gear reduction. Automation Direct offers a large selection of wormgear reducers. A wormgear has been selected for this application that will be supplied by Automation Direct. There will be more to come as this project progresses.

Multi-Mirror Solar Array

Main assembly done.

Pleasantville High School Solar Array (and it’s creators!)

The Industrial Technology students at Pleasantville High School in Pleasantvile, Iowa (southeast of Des Moines) are building a multi-mirror solar hot water heater.  The main assembly is now complete, and the next challenge for the students is to motorize and automate the array so that it can track the sun throughout the day.

The above picture, taken last semester, shows most of the students that designed and started building the solar panel over a year ago.  The project is now in it’s third semester, and many new students have designed parts and incorporated them into the panel.  When the project is complete the (more…)

Coil Accelerator Project

My name is Trevor Hughes and I am a student at Nampa High School located in Nampa, Idaho. My friend Mason Trowell and I are working with the high school science teachers to design and build a coil accelerator. A coil accelerator uses copper wire wrapped around a non-metallic tube and high voltage/current going through the coil to propel a metal object through the tube. We are using a 1.1” diameter aluminum pipe and some high…

Google Sketch-up CAD Drawing of Coil Accelerator


Automated Conveyor Delivery System

picture-487This ITT-Tech student surveys the conveyor project that moves products from three locations and sorts and delivers those products to three separate locations based on color codes.

To move the items, we use a main conveyor with two infeed and two outfeed conveyors attached to it. The two infeed conveyors transfer cargo to the main conveyor as long as cargo in not coming along on the main. (more…)

Kettering University Titanic Pinball Machine

Capstone Project in Electrical Engineeering at Kettering University

Capstone Project in Electrical Engineeering at Kettering University

As an electrical engineering  senior design capstone project at Kettering University located in Flint Michigan, we were required to build a pinball machine. The machine was to utilize a PLC to control scoring inputs, light outputs, reset button, and control the electromagnets and doorbell. The PLC my group selected was the DirectLogic DL-06, and we planned to use the freely downloadable DirectSoft100 programming software to program it. We were able to program basic features, but when we tried to program more advanced features we found that we were exceeding the 100 word limit.  We contacted Automation Direct and they were kind enough to donate a full version of DirectSoft5 to Kettering. With the unrestricted programming package we were able implement all the features we desired - such as the doorbell and flashing lights when the game is won.

Check out our YouTube video to see (more…)

Autoloading Paintball Tank Cannon

Dead-by-Dawn is one serious “scenario paintball” team (check out this article in Wired Magazine).  These guys built a tank from a turf loader, but hey - other teams have tanks - DbD decided to put a double-barrel auto-loading cannon on theirs - and they used an AutomationDirect DL06 PLC to automate the loading and firing of that cannon.


They have promised to post a write up here soon.  Until then here’s a link to their site,  be sure to check out the “Tech” page, with YouTube vids and much more about the Necronomicar, and the cannon: “Boom, Boom”.

Biodiesel Processor

Sam Flournoy has built a Biodiesel Processor and now he’s working on automating it using lots of Automation Direct components, including a DL06 PLC, C-more screen, and many others.  He submitted this picture:

C-more panel installed

His website and YouTube videos … (more…)


I wanted a way to rip my CD collection automatically. I have over 2000 “store bought” CDs, and I wanted to get them into I-tunes (or winapp, etc.) without having to sit at my PC for a month moving the CDs in and out of the PC CD drive.  There was an old automated CD burning device at the office, and they said I could borrow it - as long as I didn’t break it, or prohibit it from functioning as a CD burner.   Here’s the donor device:


It’s a “Composer plus” from Primera.  It was originally sold for limited mass production of  CDs.  You fill up one of the hoppers with blanks CDs, and it transfers them one at a time into the CD drive (at lower right), where they are burned (via an attached PC and some custom software), then the arm fetches the burned CD back out of the CD tray and puts it in the completed hopper, and repeats.   My company has outgrown it; we got a larger unit with multiple CD drives and an attached printer.  At first I thought that it might work as an automatic ripping device without modification, but the software only works for burning, there was no way to get it to rip.  I’m sure it might be possible to reverse engineer the device driver, and create such software from scratch, but I thought I could find an easier way… (more…)

Magic Stacklight

stacklightWe had some Automation Direct parts left over from a system integration job: an LED stacklight, a 18mm capacitive sensor, and several others.  I got bored one day and put some of them together just for fun.   With a couple of tiny 12 volt batteries inside, this stack light will now illuminate when ever it’s placed on a metal surface.  We’ve had lots of fun placing it on various surfaces around the office.  People assume we’ve drilled a hole in their credenza or other office furniture to run the wiring.  Then they pick it up, and the lights go out.

Funny to us geeks anyway…

The sensor is mounted in the base of the stacklight, pointing down of course.  We put a small radio shack switch under there also, to turn the unit on and off. (more…)

Lighting Timers for Neighborhood Park


Our Homeowner’s Association (HOA) wanted some lights at our beach area that members could easily turn on at night, but which would automatically go off after a couple of hours. I put together this project with three timers and some pushbuttons from AutomationDirect

that solves the problem nicely.

The timers have dials on the front, and can be adjusted from .05 seconds, up to 60 hours. We decided on 2 hours for our application…

How it works…

Users simply push the appropriate button to turn the lights on.
The lights automatically turn off after 2 hours (duration is selectable).
The reset button allows users to turn-off all the lights on demand. (more…)

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